Self-Care is what Opulence is about!

Often times we tend to forget about our own wants and needs. It is time to break that habit and start doing for that all-star player that smiles back at you in the mirror each day! Get into these tips to make time for YOU!

SHAPE Magazine said it best...

Self-care, aka taking a little "me" time, is one of those things you know you're supposed to do. But when it comes to actually getting around to it, some people are more successful than others. If you have a seriously busy schedule, it might seem impossible to somehow find extra time (HA!) to squeeze in self-care activities like practicing mindfulness, hitting the gym, writing in a journal, or getting enough sleep. But here's the thing: The busier you are, the more important self-care becomes.

Here are 7 tips to make sure you squeeze in some 'ME' time!

  1. Set the Tone - taking a small action to divvy up time for you and time for the rest of the day.

  2. Break it Up - Set aside a full hours every day for self-care. If you can find the time to work, you can find the time to relax.

  3. Set an alarm for bed - Sis, you need sleep! Making sure you set a proper time to say "hey, get in the zone to wind down!" will help. Even those mama's out there!

  4. Create your own rituals - Whether it is disconnecting from technology, reading a chapter of a book, or listening to a night time podcast... do what you can to help yourself stay on track of your self-care.

  5. Take advantage of a crazy work schedule - Find a lunch buddy to talk to, Get a shopping mate who is very organized, or just take time away from your work area for a change of scenery. Do what you can to turn your regular, robotic schedule into something somewhat exciting and new.

  6. Morning Cup - Indulge in that morning cup of goodness that makes you and your heart smile. Take the time to fully enjoy it before having to get into the day.

  7. Set a goal - look for things that help you relax and set a goal to do that thing each day to fill fulfilled.

For more information regarding mind and body care, feel free to visit SHAPE magazine and tell them Opulence sent you!

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